Lochfort's Reclamation Day (SC'20)

Written by Steve Tremblay

With three casualties on their side and half a dozen werewolves in the town hall, things looked bleak for the White Ravens fighting for their lives.
The sound of hoof-beats and the clattering of armor broke the clamor of battle as Briahna, Poe and a dozen paladins of Kord from Esterholt burst into the room and joined the fight.
The tide of battle turned quickly and the remaining beasts were killed or driven off.
  Note: The events of the above scene occur in Arc 1 - Episode #137 and continue in the next 2 Group 4 episodes to it's conclusion Lochfort was liberated and secured from the werewolves that day. Later dubbed "Reclamation Day" by locals, the day turns into a bigger celebration and feast for all with each year that passes.)
On the first year anniversary, having a celebration honoring those who died as well as survived was a hard pitch to make. The event was kept as an honorarium and memorial but the following years without new attacks on the town gave way to events, contests and revelry.   The town is decorated with colorful balloons and banners and all over town the smell of cooking food and baked goods fill the air.   Many visitors enjoy shooting arrows at werewolf shaped targets for prizes, eating jelly filled wolf shaped donuts and in 1265, some even participated in an ill-advised and poorly thought out foot race through town. It was though by most to be in poor taste and has not been repeated.   Contests of all sorts from pie eating to decorating and costuming are judged as the day progresses.   The evening celebration surrounds a massive feast of roast boar, chicken, sausages and all manner of side dishes. The irony of everyone in town sitting down to a massive feast to commemorate the day werewolves stopped slaughtering the townsfolk may have been lost on the citizens.


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