LiT - Dragons

Jason Massey - Nov 16 2013

Whenever I can, I take a random person place or thing from the world of Theria and breaking it down for you here. What it does, why it does it and what I was thinking when I came up with it.
  With Group 2 now having multiple run ins with a certain giant scaled lizard, I thought it might be time to clear up some misconceptions with this very iconic and potentially harmful breed of creature. In traditional D&D settings there are basically two types of dragons. The “Chromatic” and the “Metallic”. For the most part the multiple colored dragons are considered to be evil. In Theria there are only chromatic dragons and they come in almost as many personalities as the other races do. Dragons for the most part are quite rare to see in most parts of the world. They primarily come from a portion of Theria known as “Dragon’s Reach”, a large swath of land that stretches from The Blistering Peaks to the Hazaan Mountains (which are the home of the dragonborn). But lets break this down further shall we?
  White Dragons:
White Dragons can mostly be found in the largely barren Northlands. A treacherous section of Theria that is covered in thick ice and little else. While they’re native home is in the ice and snow, they can most definitely survive in more fair climates. The largest of the dragons, they have been known to grow as large as 120 feet in length (from nose to tail) and have an 80 foot wingspan. They can weigh as much as 60 tons and sustain themselves on a diet of pure meat. They will mostly eat wild animals but have, in certain cases been known to eat people. White dragons are, for the most part, not terribly aggressive. They have been known to attack if they feel abnormally threatened but in most cases it will simply take flight and retreat from the situation. One of the main character traits of white dragons is their blind ambition for hoarding. Intensely protective of anything that they deem to be either within their possession or under their protection, they will vehemently guard it with their lives if necessary. The last thing many a thieve would see would be a massive foot stomping down upon them or worse yet, and icy blast from the dragons frost breath.
  Black Dragons:
Hailing from the Yemgar swamp is Kealthorn, quite possibly the last black dragon in Theria. The black dragon was seen as a menace and for many years and adventures that sought to prove their worth would do so by finding, slaying and parading the heads of the so called “vicious beasts” in the conquering hero’s home town. While Kealthorn is quite a bit smaller than his white counterparts he is no less dangerous. Many foolish adventuring parties have hunted him in his marshy home only to find out too late of his cleverness in combat. Blending in with the dark and murky swampland, he would much rather ambush and pick off would be dragon slayers instead of fight them head on. If the fight should take place, Kealthorn is not without options. Sporting razor sharp talons he can rend even the best armor. Should that fail to slay his aggressor, he has a venomous burst of acid breath that has melted whole parties into nothing more than gooey piles of bone and gore. Kealthorn will eat pretty much anything he can get. This includes plant life and people.
  Blue Dragons:
“The Wastes”, a desert in Theria known for being one of the harshest climates in the world is also home to the blue dragon. There are only a few blue dragons left to the known world but they are among the shrewdest hunters. Surviving on the giant scorpions and ants that live in the sandy abyss, it tunnels under the soft terrain and will lay in wait for hours at a time for something to walk over it’s giant maw. The blue dragon enters a near deathly hibernation while under the sands and will not need to breathe for an extended period. It’s skin is incredibly sensitive to touch and vibration though and at the first sign of movement from above, it will spring into action and come to live with amazing speed and agility. Having a more slender build than the other dragons of Theria, it resembles more a large, flat lizard with wings. It’s mouth is wider and it’s teeth sharper than other dragons. It’s primary mode of attack is a burst of electricity from it’s breath.
  Red Dragons:
Truly the most iconic dragon and surely the one most people would conjure in their heads if asked are red dragons. Large, typically aggressive and fairly hard to defeat in combat, red dragons make their home in the Hazaan Mountains in the north east of Theria. They tend to live in the highest peaks of the mountains near the dragonborn city of Or’ Rash. They eat many birds and some livestock on occasion. Red dragons are the most likely to attack people as they see them as a challenge. Many are raised by the dragonborn themselves and in some cases, trained as mounts. This tactic has been known to backfire on the dragonborn however as a red dragon will turn on it’s rider in a heartbeat if it senses weakness from it. These dragons will smash, bite, claw and do whatever they deem necessary to inflict damage on an opponent. Of course, the most powerful weapon in the red lizards arsenal is it’s cone of pure fire that come from its mouth. The heat from some of these blasts is said to be so intense in some case that it has been known to melt poorly forged armor to an adventures skin.
  Both dragons and the dragonborn speak “draconic”. Kobolds speak a very bastardized version of draconic that is pretty much a language unto itself. The dragonborn are the only race in Theria that can speak directly with a dragon as a dragon’s voice is far too booming and forceful for other races to tolerate. In some rare cases, weaker races such as humans, have had their organs simply fail or even explode from the force of a dragon using its voice to communicate. For this reason, most dragons will remain silent unless a dragonborn is present. All in all, dragons should be approached with care and caution at all times. They can be beautiful and graceful and at the same time, dangerous and destructive.