Kravel Darkhoof

Minotaur Fighter


Son of Telros, whom he believed to be the rightful King, Kravel was a lost soul among his own kind. After his father was accused of leading a cult for worshiping Bephomet he was bested in a fight against a group of knights who were sent by Winterhaven. Kravel's uncle, Lariss, rose to power and Telros was left an orphan with no crown to his name.   Until seventeen years passed by. The forgotten prince began to gather followers through his skill in battle. Though not as crazed as his father, Kravel claimed that his uncle was a weakling who no longer had any right to the crown. His father should have been king, so the crown was his to covet. He challenged his uncle to a fair fight, but Lariss did not want to fight his own kind and so instead sent the same group who had slain his father to now destroy the son. In return, Lariss offered to crown to Yenward.   Show spoiler
Kravel wanted to prove his strength, and believed himself to fight with honor. He challenged Yenward to a duel, which he was certain he would win. However, Yenward cheated during their fight by taking a potion to invigorate himself. Though completely infuriated by the show of cowardice, Kraven was defeated shortly after. The group of followers he had amassed whispered rumors of an unfair fight, but it was too late. Lariss was able to keep his throne, and Yenward was declared as the new heir.   As his father was killed for his beliefs, and Kravel unwittingly followed behind him.


Even more monstrous looking than most of his own kind, Kravel Darkhoof was a gigantic specimen. Standing several heads taller than most of his comrades with the bulk to match, he was a sight to behold. His sleek horns were thick and sharp set just above glistening black eyes which held a lifetime and anger. Betrayed by the death of his father, Kravel was able to put on just enough charm to win people over to his side, though it was mostly his prowess on the battlefield which rewarded him with enough followers to be seen as a threat to his uncle.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 29