Kaylee Winiford

Human Shopkeep


Kaylee runs her shop, K's Choice: Herbs and Sundries, in Durnhollow.   Show spoiler
She was suggested as a source of Bloodroot by Artimus, so Group 1 was quick to go to Durnhollow to meet her. Malchus and and Draconis bought her entire supply but before leaving town in a hurry, Draconis returned with Ironhide and threatened her source from her. Ironhide also stole all of her healing potions and Kaylee closed up shop and left town within a day.   She has not been seen since.


Kaylee is a little older, with unkempt hair and discolored teeth. She is generally distrusting when people start poking around but is savvy enough to know when a good customer walks through her door.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 36
Current Location
K's Choice