Elven Druid


Kallie is from a small home in the Evergreen and is out exploring the world, looking for new experiences and met Elena along the way.   Show spoiler
Arc 2
The group spent some time in Fairbay before heading off to deal with The Fang on the road to Lochfort. After they were waylaid by razor flies, the party missed the meet with the Fang and continued to Lochfort to see a herbalist about Kalden's now missing arm. The ladies in the group attempted to get some information on the Fang at the bar, Kallie and Elena getting much more than they bargained for.   Once they left the bar and returned to the inn to tell the others, a new plan was devised: Beat the Fang to Donhurst and get the Bell for leverage. They did in fact beat them to Donhurst, only to find the city empty of people but full of demon-like abominations. They met a new friend, Larg, shortly after arriving and eventually would defend Kalden while he performed a ritual to cleanse the city of the monsters.   When the Fang arrived not long after, the party was forced to hide and eventually flee the city by way of the sewers.


Kallie stands 5'7 with medium length reddish brown hair. She has typical pointy Elven ears and hazel eyes. She wears leather armor over green and brown tunic and pants with knee high leather boots. Kallie also has a hawk feather woven into her hair.

First Appearance
Arc 2, Episode 2