Hondo De Vetes

Drow Cleric-Ranger


A bronze skinned Drow with a past shrouded in; deception, betrayal and loss. Hondo is a well-dressed, dreadlocked, 6" foot-something, deep purple eyed, "business man" who works for an organisation based in Brightport. A follower of the Raven Queen, he wields a small hand crossbow, nicknamed "Sherly" & a morning star which is more show than anything else.   A keen eye for business & fine suites, he has few loves in this world, gold being at the very top of his agenda. For some inexplicable reason he loves doing "favours". Once the bravado is stripped away, he doesn't seem so bad...then again....gold.  
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Arc 1
Hondo met and joined Group 1 while they were nearing the end of building the army. They were traveling between Winterhaven and Durnhollow and he helped them work with Ellis Arroway to push the Overwatch troops from town.   The group then made their way to Winterhaven and eventually Overwatch where Hondo helped storm the city and bring down King Carter. After Carter's fall, Hondo made a deal with Ora Klad to stop the Drow from burning of the city in search of Marcus Sana.   Once Overwatch began to settle, the party took to searching the castle and tracked Archmage Loreweaver out of the city and into the mountains of White Wolf Valley. They find him as he is setting up a new lair and a battle begins. During the fight, Hondo is caught in a magical blast and is killed instantly. Lorewweaver is finally defeated and Diana collects Hondo's ashes.   His ashes are spread in the sea, as Hondo requested when the party makes their way to Brightport sometime later.

Appearance and Personality

  Slim, well built, strong jawed, dread locked hair, bronze skin, hide armor in the style of a fine suit.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Helped defeat King Zannon Carter in Episode 81
  • Died while fighting Archmage Loreweaver in Episode 98


  • Loves the Sea
  • Finds wonder in pretty flowers
  • Detests the undead
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 73

    Aligned Organization
    Group 1