Written by Steve Tremblay

With a nickname like "the wanted" you might think the individual may not be so smart. Graddik however, owns the moniker and will gladly tell anyone that it is because his services are wanted by many.


Graddik has lived in Brightport for most of his life and still calls the city home. As a gnome, he had to prove his worth to anyone who would hire him and he did so with spectacular results.
Beginning at the street level, Graddik imagined himself as larger than life and portrayed this to everyone. Always quick with a compliment and a plan of action, Graddik ingratiated himself to House Silverclaw as an invaluable mover and shaker.


Graddik became a 'fixer' for the House and negotiated deals with the other Houses and individuals within the city to improve both his status and that of Silverclaw.
During his ascent through the ranks, he became business partners with Tessia Grimnas when her pawn shop ran into some trouble, giving Graddik access to the title of 'legitimate businessman'.


His ambition grew when a group of adventurers who were new to the city handed ownership of one of the ruling houses, House Dragonkeep to his partner Tessia. The idea that he could be second in command of a ruling house intrigued him and he immediately set to work making himself invaluable.
As a primary dealmaker for the house, and being able to work side by side with Tessia (his not-so-secret crush), Graddik's lofty dreams and schemes seemed to reach new levels.


Life took a tumble when an assassination attempt on Tessia nearly succeeded but Graddik's ability to outsmart his enemies has kept them both alive since.


So the question could be asked "Is Graddik a great thinker of Theria?" Graddik would tell you he's the greatest thinker of his time and convince you to believe it.

Portrait by Tongman

Character Portrait image: by Tongman


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