Fieg and Ga'le

Table games at The Oasis, Onak-Al

Written by Steve Tremblay

While most cities on Ellara have some form of gambling, the re-settled Onak-Al has elevated gambling to a new level. One of the premier hotels in the city The Oasis hosts two of the more popular games in the city.   The first, Fieg (pronounced feeg) is a simple dice game. Minimum buy-in is 5 gold.

  • The players (up to 8) roll 1d20 each and the dealer rolls 1d20 against all of the results.
  • The highest roll wins. If multiple players beat the dealer they split the pool.
  • If a player beats the dealer they can choose to continue at double the cost and double the pool. If more than one player rolled higher than the dealer on the previous round, each can choose to quit with their winnings or double their share of the pool.
  • Continuing players roll 1d20 against the dealer until they choose to collect their winnings or losing the pool back to the house.

The second game, Ga'le (pronounced gah-lay) is a roulette style game. Minimum bet is 1 gold.
  • Multiple players can bet on the same spin of the wheel.
  • The game wheel has numbers 1-100 (roll 1d100)
  • Players place their bets on a single number or can bet on red (odds) or black (evens).
  • If the player picks the exact number, the payout is 1000x the bet.
  • If the number falls within 5 to either direction of the players choice, it pays 50x the bet.
  • Correctly choosing red or black pays double the bet.
  Stop by The Oasis for your chance to win big!

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