Ember Baharat

Tiefling Paladin of Kord


Arc 2
Ember spent much of her youth in Overdale but when Zannon Carter took control, her family left the area for their safety and settled in Esterholt.
While training at the Temple of Kord, she met a human named Marco who earned her trust and eventually love. He rode off with Craig Mason and Una Anhelada to battle Straad and like almost everyone else, did not return.  

Appearance and Personality

Dressed in the standard armor and ornament of the Paladins of Kord, Ember carries herself with with a calm that belies some of the underlying tension.  

Notable Moments

Show spoiler
  • Helped thwart the Order of the Scale and their attempt to resurrect Straad
  • First Appearance:
    Arc 2, Episode ??
    Current Location
    Temple of Kord
    Current Residence


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