Human Fighter


Not much is known of Elena's history before she left (now) Overdale seeking adventure. She met Kallie on the road and the pair soon joined forces with Kalden, Braylon, and Tatiyana.   Show spoiler
Arc 2

The group spent some time in Fairbay before heading off to deal with The Fang on the road to Lochfort. After they were waylaid by razor flies, the party missed the meet with the Fang and continued to Lochfort to see a herbalist about Kalden's now missing arm.
The ladies in the group attempted to get some information on the Fang at the bar, Kallie and Elena getting much more than they bargained for.


Once they left the bar and returned to the inn to tell the others, a new plan was devised: Beat the Fang to Donhurst and get the Bell for leverage.
They did in fact beat them to Donhurst, only to find the city empty of people but full of demon-like abominations.
They met a new friend, Larg, shortly after arriving and eventually would defend Kalden while he performed a ritual to cleanse the city of the monsters.


When the Fang arrived not long after, the party was forced to hide and eventually flee the city by way of the sewers.


After a harrowing trip through The Divide, a traumatic trip to Durnhollow where they lost Larg and two donkeys (RIP Dusty and Rusty), they got Larg back and started a new path.
After restoring Braylon's memories, they headed across the Blistering Peaks where they fought a cyclops and then a dragon while looking for a place to rest. Elena was instrumental in taking down the beast but both Larg and Braylon were lost in the fight.


A ritual using the Bell of Vecna was performed to bring back their dead companions. Elena found herself face to face with the demon lord Sogoth and did not back down, instead attempted to take the fight to the demon.


Appearance and Personality


Standing nearly 6 feet tall, Elena is muscular and well suited to her chosen profession. She has hazel eyes, light skin and auburn hair. She wears heavy armor and wields a great sword, usually with great efficiency.


Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Removed Kalden's arm in Arc 2, Episode 9
  • Almost single handedly took down a young dragon in Arc 2, Episode 67
  • Stood toe to toe with the demon lord Sogoth before Vecna banished the demon. Something was taken from Elena in this moment.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 2, Episode 2

    Shoulder Length Brown with a Hint of Red