Edmund Paige

Elven Monk/Bard...Butler


Arc 2
Mr. Paige is currently the assistant to the director of the The Esterholt Shelter For Children.
He spent his youth traveling the world with a nomadic sect of Avandra, trading exotic goods and spreading the word of their godess.
Hailing from the Fire Isles, he spent the last 40 years of his life in Onak-Al, serving as the steward of a wealthy family and the caretaker of their youngest heir.  

Appearance and Personality

Edmund wears what looks like friars robes which can catch air and appear to cocoon him in a tube like form when he moves.  

Notable Moments

Show spoiler
  • Helped thwart the Order of the Scale and their attempt to resurrect Straad
  • First Appearance:
    Arc 2, Episode ??
    Current Residence
    The Esterholt Shelter For Children


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