Dragon Scales (SC'19)

Written by Steve Tremblay
While many common folk make or purchase their meager clothing, adventurers need extra protection. While many scrape by with a basic set of armor, those lucky and brave enough to tackle a dragon of sufficient age, dragon scale armor or overlays sets them apart.   Dragons older than a few decades are wily, careful and fierce to do battle with should a party actually engage one in a fight. In the event they are lucky to kill the beast, many parts are useful to alchemists but the scales are said to have special properties. In addition to bragging rights, styling fashion and rarity, an armorer of renown can assemble something amazing.   Less than a handful of dragons which qualify as old, ancient of legendary have made it into history and in the last several years at least three have been killed on Ellara and two have had their scales made into quality sets of armor. Both Kealthorn and Straad were stripped of their scales and coincidentally brought to the same master armorsmith in the city of Aubrey. Artimus Peck is normally known for his amazing weapon crafting skills but recently armor has taken the forefront. Artimus created two sets of armor from (allegedly) the last black dragon Kealthorn and several more from Straad when adventurers who had stripped the corpse came through town.   Truth be told, the rumors of special resistances granted to the wearer of dragon scale garments are fictions created to sell those items for a higher than normal price. While there are certainly magical armors that are created with scales, the protective properties are purely a function of the magic they are imbued with.