Cecil Fowers

Human Thug


Not much is known of Cecil's upbringing but his focus on raising his station in life cannot be overstated. He has been known to chase the occasional bounty and runs a gang of thugs in Esterholt as a means of making money.  
Show spoiler
Cecil had many run ins with Group 3, notably while they were rushing to Esterholt after Briahna Ebelmare had been killed by Ian Serverus.   He tried to take over the gang situation in Esterholt but was thwarted by the group again. As revenge, he attempted to chase Una Anhelada and Briahna towards Odysia as they followed Straad, and did find Briahna after she had killed the dragon.   Group 2 happened along just in the nick of time and distracted the thugs, which resulted in Brie murdering Cecil and his gang running for their lives.


Age unknown but his thinning blonde hair and may lead one to believe he is at least in his late 30's. He is thin with a goatee and generally wears leather armor.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 66