Brettana Moonshadow

Elven High Maiden


All Brettana Moonshadow ever wanted was to protect her people and her lands. Raised to be the leader of the elves, Brettana always knew the weight of that responsibility and never took it lightly, but she also never imagined she'd live to see the day where she had to watch her home burn to ashes. When Overwatch presented itself as an enemy to all the other races, Brettana knew that she would need to find a way to keep her own safe.   So Brettana listened to the White Ravens' leader, Briahna, when she came to voice her cause. She sided with them with some trepidation, part of her still hoping that if the elves kept to themselves, Overwatch would overlook them. Unfortunately, that nation was not known to tolerate others, even if they presented little threat. Overwatch wanted her lands for their own, and they wanted to fight for them.   During the first battle with a Titan Elite that came to clear her lands of it's precious trees, the group which came to help her defend them did eventually stop the beast, though at the cost of much of the forest. It would take years to rebuild, and because the war was still raging around them they had no chance to even begin. She thanked the White Ravens for bringing the heroes and saving as much as the forest as they possibly could.   As such, Brettana was indebted to Brie when the young woman brought a group of allies who were formerly Overwatch soldiers. Though the path to friendship was rocky, several members of the group did end up proving their loyalty, though in the excitement the Titan the elves had been attempting to salvage was lost.   Brettana knew she would be seeing the end of the war soon when the elves were called to march onto Overwatch. She was relieved, because even though her army may die, at least this time the battle would take place away from their home. Her forest was safe, the children and non-fighters were safe. She instructed those left behind to run if the battle was lost, and went with her army to fight on the front lines.   They weren't safe. In fact, by leaving her unarmed alone, she unknowingly condemned them to burn. For Thoril and the Dragonborn King unleashed a monster onto her people. The legendary dragon, Straad, broke through his age-old bonds at their call. However they knew the monster could not be controlled, and though a portion of Overwatch's army was destroyed, the dragon attacked the rebel army as well... And then flew to the Evergreen.   The number of casualties, of children and young brides and elderly... it was insurmountable. The forest burned at his breath, and not even an elf could outrun a dragon. Devastated at the loss of more of her home and people, the leader of the elves declared that whomever had unleashed the dragon needed to die for their betrayal. When it was revealed that it was one of the heroes who protected their forest, she showed little mercy. She had none left in her. However, it was one of Thoril's own people, not hers, who put the human down.  


Brettana is a breathtaking and imposing figure. Gorgeous even for an elf, with long silvery hair and shining clear eyes, her heritage shows in her features more so than the average elven girl. She is tall for an elf, and thinner than most. She would often choose to go without so her people could eat more. She holds herself as nothing but a queen, head always held high and eyes often cold towards outsiders, only softening for her own people.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 27
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