Written by Steve Tremblay

This small tuber grows primarily in the high peaks of the Hazaan Mountains near the dragonborn city of Or'Rash.


The root grows in the cold, hard packed soil and can be located on the surface by the three dark green sprouts with a bright red center that emerge from the top when they are ready for harvest.


The Bloodroot gets it's name not only from the bright red stalk but the root itself. It is normally the size of a childs fist with gnarled ends and a rough textured skin.


Bloodroot is not consumed as food due to its bitter taste and absence of nutritional value. It can be eaten in extreme circumstances but will not be of value for long term survival.
However, its primary use is as a medicinal herb. Bloodroot, when crushed and mixed with several other ingredients can form a highly addictive, psychoactive drug that can have bizarre effects on the user.
Witnesses to the use of the drug have described random outbursts of violence and increased magical talent.


The medicinal use is extremely specific to only one condition which has not officially been given a name. Isolated to only Dragonborn, who normally kill any member of the race deemed weak enough to have the disease.

In the case that someone escapes that civilization without being found out or developing 'the cough' later in life, Bloodroot can ease the symptoms. The disease essentially deteriorates the lungs and immune system of the host causing erratic behavior, made worse by the addiction to the medicine they must take.


Gaining access to the plant itself can be an ordeal as the Dragonborn are highly territorial and view anyone needing the root as a degenerate who should be disposed of. Few people are willing to face the consequences of being caught, but for those who dare, selling the root to alchemists and herbalists stand to make good coin as the substance is considered to be illegal contraband in many cities around Ellara.


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