Arc 3 - Episode 007


General Summary

28th of Fara'ure

Trent rushes from the brush, covered in sewer leavin's begging for help from the group. Shortly after, Aster hears pursuers and the group attempts to flee with Trent and Eric.


Without making it very far, the party decides to stop and confront the vampires. Masoka is told to run away with Eric and heads into the woods.
During the fight, Uboh is grabbed by a large tiefling vampire named Kalros and bitten. Maddy successfully turns undead, destroying several and causing Kalros to flee. Uboh and Donovan give chase but lose track of him in the dense forest.


Separated from the group, Masoka and Eric hear a woman screaming for some other soul in the darkness of the forest.


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Report Date
03 Nov 2019