Arc 2 - Episode #070

The Perfect Town

General Summary

24th of Fara'ure
Arriving at Durnhollow around noon, the group choose The Honest Harlot to rest at. Kevin and Amber join the group but attract no one for extra curricular activities. The group hangs out eating and drinking a little while Masoka and Maddy go to the bar and meet Sespa. Masoka drops a bunch of gold paying for the groups entertainment for a bit and after they all leave, they go across the street to Better Than Goods. There they meet Eva and her little girl Thena (Tenny). The group buys some supplies and potions.     28th of Fara'ure
After leaving town and traveling for a few days Masoka hears a dragon roar and Amvin senses something very magical not too far away. They decide to investigate and find a giant coffin like box deep in the woods.  

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Report Date
19 May 2019
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