Arc 2 - Episode #069

Nothing But Time

General Summary

3rd of Alta'orn

While searching for the gates, Daegon learned about an artifact called the Yurion. It is a device which can turn back time in a limited area, to attempt to bring Odysia back to its glory days.The group of Eladrin begin searching a long lost temple on Athias with Bardolph in the lead.


After many trapped rooms the party finds a room full of corpses which jump up and attack as soon as they enter. During the fight, one of Daegon's legs is severed at the knee.
Once the corpses are defeated, the group fast forwards through the rest of the dungeon in a skill check challenge of sorts. During the journey, Lannis sacrifices himself to save Althea who would have died. Bardolph also dies before they finally locate the Yurion.


Locations Visited

  • Athias, near Blackbreach

Theriathon Special Group

Player Characters

  • Althea Arcanscape - Susan
  • Daegon Arcanscape - James
  • Eridysi Y'llorien - Kelsey
  • Laniss Dabin - Ryan
  • Thallan Val'eth - Michael
  • Safiyyah Do'henr - Karen
  • Bardolph - Alex

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Report Date
08 Jun 2019