Arc 2 - Episode #063


General Summary

3rd of Alta'orn
Leaving Aldmoor on the 6 day trek to Uman' Yiro. The first day is uneventful and they camp near Bandit's Rest.

  4th of Alta'orn
As the road narrows to a single lane, a wagon is blocking the road and a few people are milling about. Ted Martel, 'hired goon' introduces himself and explains that the road is closed for the next day or two. After some negotiation and cooler heads prevailing, a deal is struck allowing the party to keep moving as a massive storm comes in off the coast.   The group rolls north and tries to find a place to avoid the storm but as the funnel clouds descend, they have to try to outrun the damage. The path of destruction is wide but with luck, the party manages to escape mostly unharmed.    


  • Ted Martel

Group C

Player Characters

Player Characters

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Report Date
23 Mar 2019


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