Arc 2 - Episode #052

Paying the Toll

General Summary

26th of Fara'ure - morning
Marrek makes breakfast for the group (the bacon, a solid 9/10) and after Eliwrath rouses AvAlan from his room, the party gets to know Variis and formulates a plan to go to Aldmoor to meet Diana Astaroth at Tessia's request.   Later in the day, they leave Brightport headed north.

  28th of Fara'ure
Having dealt with thugs running a bridge toll operation the previous day, the party continues their ride north.   29th of Fara'ure
Marrek, talking to his in-head visitor, finally accepts a small amount of assistance and performs a small blood magic ritual to increase the chances of making it to Aldmoor safely. While setting up the camp at night, Marrek and AvAlan spot a rider behind them, looking at them through a spyglass, riding an oddly specific horse.  

Locations Visited

Group C

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Report Date
19 Nov 2018
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