Arc 2 - Episode #045


General Summary

8th of Fara'ure
The party travels further and camps for the night. Donovan gets a surprise visitor that apparently only he can hear. The mystery voice who introduces himself as Kirkland Sumner, Paladin of Amaunator. Before everyone turns in Maddy explains why she attacked the slavers.   9th of Fara'ure
In the morning the now freed dragonborn decide to make their own way. After questioning the cart driver they learn that he was contracted by the Black Hand, Brightport. Donovan trains some with Maddy.   10th of Fara'ure
In the evening, the group finally makes it to Aubrey. Maddy shows everyone around a little and most of the party decide to spend the night at The Eternal Slumber Inn, run by Jonathon, a vampire who now resides in the town.  

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Report Date
02 Sep 2018
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