Arc 2 - Episode #015

Cutting a Deal

General Summary

6th of Yeste'
The party regroups, eats breakfast and makes their way to Jordonna's shop. She offers to make them a potion with the potential to regrow Kalden's arm if they can bring her the ingredients.

Tatiyana and Elena meet Taryyn and give him Brock's journal. Taryyn agrees to send a raven to Donhurst to warn them.

The group comes up with a plan to have Braylon sing a few songs in the center of town to draw The Fang out, which works with surprising effect. Ripley and his men attack Braylon and manage to kill several town guards before being either killed or subdued themselves.

After some time, Kalden and Braylon are allowed into his cell to talk to Ripley and make something of a deal with him...


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Group B

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Release date: 22 Oct 2017 - Download the Episode

Report Date
22 Oct 2017