Arc 2 - Episode #012

Heat and Sand

General Summary

19th of Yeste'
After getting some advice from a former merchant who traveled to Onak-Al, the group leaves early in the morning and continues uneventfully until the next day.

20th of Yeste'
Heading south, the sky begins to darken and a sandstorm whips up into its full fury. The party flips the wagon and settles in for what may be a long day of sand blasting and covers up as much as possible. Calluna stays in the storm with the horse, trying to calm and heal it on occasion. 8 hours later the storm abates and all agree to press on into the night.

21st of Yeste'
Early in the morning, while freeing the wagon from yet another stuck wheel, Klara finds the remains of a traveler with some gear left on it. Marrek helps loot the corpse and the journey to Onak-Al continues.

Locations Visited

Group C

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Release date: 18 Sep 2017 - Download the Episode

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18 Sep 2017
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