Arc 2 - Episode #009


General Summary

4th of Yeste'
As the group nears Lochfort, Braylon hands over the "disguises" he made for Elena and Kallie, much to their dismay. They camp for the night and carry on the next morning.

5th of Yeste'
Along the road later in the day, the party finds themselves surrounded by razor flies and under attack. Kalden quickly finds himself overwhelmed and he loses the use of his left hand in the fight. After the flies are defeated, Kalden asks Elena to remove his damaged hand. She steadies herself and swings but accidentally removes the arm at the elbow. Everyone, flustered at the events of the day decide to find a place to camp and Kallie finds them a spot. Unfortunately, late at night, a briar troll stumbles too close to camp and all are forced to run for their lives.

Locations Visited

Group B

Player Characters

Release date: 20 Aug 2017 - Download the Episode

Report Date
20 Aug 2017
Primary Location
Silver Glade