Arc 2 - Episode #064

A Simple Solution

General Summary

17th-18th of Fara'ure
The party rests for the night after a day of traveling out of Aubrey. The next morning on the road, they come across an armored gnome with a couple of minotaur and some humans. The gnome, Erik, tells the party that they are on an expedition to Odysia to find a new home for the minotaur and need money. Refusing to give in to the demands, Uboh takes the opening shot in what almost results in the deaths of most involved. One archer is allowed to flee, declaring the fight a draw.   18th-23rd of Fara'ure
The party picks themselves up and arrives at Durnhollow on the 23rd.    


  • Erik the gnome

Group A

Player Characters


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Report Date
23 Mar 2019


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