Arc 2 - Episode #057

Make It Right

General Summary

15th of Fara'ure
The party discusses Masoka's resurrection and what they can do for Amvin. Uboh leaves to find Clarrisa at the library talk about the blood magic option.   Later that evening Uboh and Clarrisa perform the ritual and summon a demon to make a deal. Hooks on chains appear from the floor as a tiefling form appears and begins to form a deal while the summoners writhe in pain.   Clarrisa gives in to the pain and agrees to a deal with Darmock but neither she nor Uboh know exactly what that deal is.   Amvin wakes at the temple and stumbles his to the street where he runs into Maddy who directs him to the Eternal Slumber Inn to regroup with the rest of the party.   Maddy, finding no one at the temple, eventually runs into Alexandra in the street and together they begin to search.  

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Report Date
03 Mar 2019