Arc 2 - Episode #054

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27th of Yeste'
Larg awakes with a start and Kalden checks on Elyn who dies following the resurrection as he approaches. Larg tries to heal her several times to no avail.   Tatiyana and Elena arrive on the scene with Laren.   Everyone goes to the local temple to take Elyn's body and then all but Larg go to the The Honest Harlot to wait. They eventually get a couple of rooms to rest and crash until about noon.   Kallie and Tati leave to get some space and think about things, Braylon and Kalden stay at the Harlot for a while and Larg prepares to have Elyn laid to rest that evening.   While she commits petty theft around town, Tati is approached by a group of men employed by Titus Crane, the owner of Cherry Blossom Heaven.   Kallie, Braylon, Elena and Kalden go to investigate the remains of the cart and find it demolished and the donkeys dead. They salvage a few belongings and begin the walk back to town.   As Tatiyana is escorted back to speak with Titus Crane, Larg spots this and follows, catching up just outside the door of the establishment. Tati agrees to speak to Titus but Larg has none of it, attacking the men. Several guards brawl with Larg as the rest of the group re-enters town and sees the fight. They rush to help as Tati is interrogated by Titus.   Once the fight is joined, Larg stomps into the brothel, followed by Kallie in fox form, throwing guards out of his way as he goes.   Before Larg can reach the office, Tatiyana cuts a deal with Titus and throws herself from the balcony to help sell that Titus will not tolerate people trying to rob his establishment. Larg kicks in the door and threatens Titus as Laren arrives to stop another killing in town. The guards downstairs are defeated and the party briefly regroups.  

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09 Dec 2018
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