Arc 2 - Episode #053

30 Minutes

General Summary

26th of Yeste' - late night
Kalden wakes and everyone else waits for Braylon to come out of his trip. As Braylon wakes, he realizes he doesn't know who any of these people are, casts Thunderclap and quickly jumps from the cart.   Dusty and Rusty panic and begin to run out of control and Kalden jumps from the cart to chase Braylon. In the confusion as the cart picks up speed, Tatiyana and Kallie try to get their bearings, Larg's body slips from the cart and lands on the road with a thump.   Elena struggles to keep control of the cart and as it approaches Durnhollow, a lanky boy steps in front to try to get them to stop. Jeremy unfortunately did not foresee the cart being out of control and is trampled by the mules.   Kalden finally catches Braylon and begins to calm him down as he realizes Braylon has amnesia from his drug trip and remembers nothing of the past several years. They start toward town and find Larg's body on the road. They move it to safety and wait for the others to come back.   Kallie launches herself out of the cart streaking through town to help Jeremy and ends up taking a tumble herself. She stumbles back to the boy who has now attracted quite a crowd and uses the last of her healing magic to save his life. A tiefling woman named Laren, the sheriff of Durnhollow arrives to assess the situation.   Tatiyana, finally at the front of the cart with Elena, tries to help stop Rusty and Dusty to no avail. The cart streaks through and out of town, eventually heading toward a steep, rocky hill. They give up on the cart and both jump from the cart before it, and the donkeys plummet over the edge.   The sheriff asks a woman to help Kallie, who takes her to her shop Better Than Goods. The woman is named Eva, who has a small daughter named Thena. Kallie asks her to find Elyn if she is still in town and Eva runs to find her.   She returns with Elyn a short time later and they gather on the far side of town at Larg's corpse. Elyn prepares to resurrect Larg and as his eyes pop open, Elyn drops unconscious, caught by Kalden.    

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Report Date
02 Dec 2018
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