Arc 2 - Episode #051

Something Bigger

General Summary

12th of Fara'ure
Shortly before sunrise, Maddy and Amvin visit Amvin's mothers grave in Aubrey.   Slightly later, Donovan takes the lead along with Aster and Uboh to unload the pelt of Ol' Clawdius and their first stop is the The Silver Flagon where they meet Morgan Osgood. Some negotiation happens and the group part with the bear carcass having gained some coin for the trouble.   Masoka wakes up late after his night of burglary and makes his way to the Temple of Amaunator where he runs into Maddy and Amvin. Maddy visits with a now comatose Angus White. Masoka and Amvin chat about belief in the gods and out of nowhere, Masoka hears a voice in his head that he knows is Amaunator and it tells him that he should deal with the orphanage he grew up and that Father white had been poisoned.   Masoka tells the others about his revelation and Maddy convinces him to tell Clarrisa who vows to get to the bottom of things.   Before the day ends, the group packs up and continues their journey towards Donhurst.  

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Report Date
11 Nov 2018
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