Arc 2 - Episode #049

Lost in Thought

General Summary

26th of Yeste' - late night
After the fight, the party takes time to heal, gather their wits and put Larg on the cart. Kallie takes some time to clean and close his wounds with the expectation that they will try to have him resurrected. Kalden concocts a plan to commune with Vecna using a hallucinatory moss called tapolm to see if the Bell can be used more successfully.   The group sleeps for a few hours and heads back towards Durnhollow early in the morning.     27th of Yeste'
Kallie finds some tapolm and while Elena drives the cart, Braylon and Kalden take the drug, supervised by Tatiyana and Kallie.   Braylon finds himself on a ship on the open sea. His brother, bloated and dead climbs onto the ship and attacks him. Braylon attacks him with Thunderwave to fend him off but the casting exists in the real world, spooking Dusty and Rusty causing the cart to speed out of control. Meanwhile, Kalden makes his way through a shadowy version of Brightport, attempting to find his way to the lair of the Black Hand. Kalden eventually confronts a version of Lauren and recovers from his trips shortly after Elena gets the cart under control. Braylon on the other hand, is deeply traumatized from his experience and upon waking, finds his has no memory or anything from the past 2 years.  

Locations Visited

  • The road, south of Durnhollow

Group B

Player Characters


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Report Date
14 Oct 2018