Arc 2 - Episode #041


General Summary

18th of Yeste'

The party arrives at the gates of Durnhollow and are allowed in by Jeremy. Many Donhurst refugees are in town and after some time, Larg spots Elyn in the crowd. They catch up on news, play a drinking game and decide to spend the next week in town.

  25th of Yeste'

Braylon plays at the Harlot all week, but his skills are unappreciated by the crowds. The rest of the time is spent plotting to rob Titus Crane, the owner of Cherry Blossom Heaven. The heist goes poorly and it seems someone may have been tipped off about the caper.


Locations Visited

Group B

Player Characters


Release date: 15 Jul 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
05 Aug 2018
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