Arc 2 - Episode #029

Bigger and Better Things

General Summary

4th of Fara'ure
The group celebrates the success of the play at Tina's Tavern late into the night.

5th of Fara'ure
In the morning, everyone regroups at Simone's office to collect their payment and get updates on their new job options. Simone gives a long list of options which the group takes some time to discuss before a shopping trip to buy new gear.

They decide to take a trip to Donhurst after reports of undead and the city being decimated.

Epilogue - 5th of Fara'ure
Jadzia and Vallus discuss the play and some other business they want to handle while in Winterhaven.


  • Simone

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Group A

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Release date: 11 Mar 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
11 Mar 2018