Arc 2 - Episode #027


General Summary

26th of Yeste'
The party wraps up their business for the day and on the 27th, meet with Leeroy Garvey to begin practice on the play.

4th of Fara'ure
The day of the play. Donovan sits in the front row, having assembled a viral marketing team who spread news of the play like wildfire, leading to a packed house, including several dignitaries. The Mayor of Esterhold, Jadzia Grace-Grimnas, her husband Vallus, Malchus Grimnas from Winterhaven as well as Aria and Theo, all of whom were recently back from a diplomatic trip to the south.

Masoka takes the stage as Malchus Grimnas with Uboh taking the second lead as Gork, revisiting recent history when the latter was convinced to set aside hostilities and become peaceful neighbors with the city.

Maddy and Amvin provide special effects and sound and Aster works hard doing makeup for the entire cast.

The play ends as a resounding success, Leeroy taking to the stage once again basking in the glory.


Locations Visited

Group A

Player Characters

Release date: 18 Feb 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
18 Feb 2018