Arc 1, Episode 85 Transcript

Transcribed by: SmallSunSnake (Reever)
[00:37]   Jason: So this’ll be quick, but lllllet’s go around the table and introduce ourselves! I’m Jason, I’m the dungeon master. Going around the table, starting with James.   James: Hey, it’s James. I play Daegon Arcanscape, the Eladrin psion.   Jason: And Jamie.   Jamie: I am Jamie Richardson. I play Khoury Forestkeeper, a Goliath seeker.   Jason: And that’s it. That’s the table tonight.   James: End of story.   Jason: *chuckling* And that’s it. So...last time on Group 2. I feel I take this tone a lot when we reintroduce Group 2. Each time we catch up, it’s like *in a grave voice* “Last time things happened.” Like I feel like there’s always a very somber it’s like, “We lost the patient.” Like that, every time.   *Jamie and James laugh*   James: We did!   Jamie: We lost a lot of patients that day.   [music comes in, quiet and somber, and then grows louder and more hopeful as the scene continues, crescendo, and then it will repeat]  

Jason: So previously on Group 2, they ended up cleaning up a mess in Lochfort – in the Silver Glade, more specifically – by killing Trevor and kind of disbanding the little union of werewolves that he had created. They had went back to town and talked to Oran, the mayor there.
Acteronis kind of made an impassioned plea for him to just try and do better, just do good I think was the overall message there. And then that night the party decided to camp in a wooded area near Lochfort and were promptly attacked by a troll. In the melee, Haven ended up wolfing out and losing control.
The party did end up taking down the troll but at a great cost, losing Acteronis and Trixy. Sevedus had been knocked prone, and after the troll was dealt with, Haven turned on Sevedus and ripped his throat out. At which point, Khoury and Daegon kind of fled. It was just time to kind of cut their losses. There was nothing they could do for Haven short of killing him, and they weren’t even sure that they could take him on in his current state, so they left.


So let’s pick up shortly after that. Khoury and Daegon would eventually find each other on the road. Not a word was spoken. I would imagine the two of them, their eyes would meet and just keep walking. They are currently on their way to Fairbay. I’m not even sure if there’s an agenda. I’m not even sure if there’s a reason to go to Fairbay other than just get away from where they were, keep walking.
So let’s pick up outside of the town of Fairbay. You guys have been walking for many many many hours. This would’ve been all night and well into the next day. Actually, it would be pretty close to noon. So there are these large clearings near Fairbay. Fairbay as a town is this little harbor town, it’s a little fishing village type of thing. So outside of it there are these really lush verdant fields, really gorgeous, picturesque–kind of stuff you’d see on postcards or nature documentaries or something. Very untouched, unspoiled. So that would be pretty much where the two of you would be standing now. On either side of the road, there would be these really kind of like tall wavy grass that the wind kind of like catches, and you can kind of see which way the wind is blown by which way the grass is swaying, so it’s very picturesque, it’s guys probably aren’t noticing it. Probably the last thing on your mind right now.

  James: Right. Okay…   Jamie: Here we go.   James: Here we go. Well, what–can I roll a Perception check? What do we see right in front of us or like? We’re outside the town, right?   Jason: Sure. You’re a little bit outside, yeah.   James: 26.   Jason: Okay. So besides these fields, there does appear to a forest in the distance. This would be east of you, kind of northeast. The town itself is pretty small. Pretty nondescript. It’s a stop along the way. People–between Lochfort and Esterholt, that’s the only town that you can stop and get supplied or stop in an inn, something like that, just catch your breath. The town has no walls. It is almost completely unprotected. In terms of guards, there are a couple of people very meagerly outfitted, and you can kind of see them traipsing about in town.   They’re very much kind of local, like kinda picture Andy Griffith type stuff, where it’s just, like he knows everyone’s name. It’s just two, three guys that just kind of–“Well hi, Mrs. Johnson!” That kind of thing. It is not very military at all.   James: And how are these people alive?   *Jamie and James laugh*   Jason: Well, you’re about to find out! Well, Group 2’s coming to town, who knows what’s gonna–   Jamie: We find out these aren’t actually people, they’re demons, spinning out from hell.   James: TPK. TPK.   *Jason and Jamie laugh*   James: Okay. I’m gonna look over to Khoury, as if to say something, and then kinda catch myself. But then look back at her and say,  
Daegon: I need a drink.
  Jamie: Khoury’s not necessarily looking at anything right now. She’s sort of just keeping her eyes on the road. But the minute you address her, she’s gonna give a slight nod without making eye contact or anything.   James: Would it be obvious where there’d be a tavern or something? Is anyone around I could ask?   Jason: Well, Fairbay’s not a large town. Finding the bar’s not going to be much trouble. Walking through town there’s pretty much one road. If you’ve ever been to like Durnhollow, it’s kind of like that but nice. *laughs* There are a few shops. There’s your local inn, that’s Brecken’s Hearth; Hunter’s Alley is their little weapons and armor type of shop; and then there’s an establishment called the Tipsy Pig.   *Jamie laughs* That’s their bar/little restaurant, like an eatery type of thing.   James: Okay. Well, I’ll look up at the sign and just say,  
Daegon: I think this will do perfectly.
  Jamie: Khoury’s just going to follow in behind you.   Jason: So it’s the kind of warm little establishment where you open the door and there’s a little bell that chimes as you walk through. Something you’ve noticed about the town as you’re kind of marching through is that people will kind of stop and kind of give a friendly nod or a wave or something. No one appears very standoffish or “ooh, who the fuck are these guys?” Specifically interesting that they are nodding and smiling to Khoury, who is a giant albino goliath, *Jamie laughs* which is surely something that they’ve either never seen or y’know–that should be alarming to these people, and they’re “Oh, how are you doing?” type of thing. You’re going to notice a lot of fishing boats, things like that. People do have day jobs here. They’re working. So there isn’t really anyone in this bar besides you two and a young tiefling woman.   As soon as the bell kind of chimes she’s going to look up from what she was doing and give you this really warm smile.   Naza: Hi! How are ya?   Jason: Just kind of illuminates the room like she’s very genuinely happy to see you.   *James laughs*   Jamie: I feel like after everything that’s just happened I don’t want any happiness in the world–no, I’m just kidding.   Jason: “We have to kill her.”   *Jamie and James laugh*   James: Daegon’s just going to hold up his hand with two fingers up and say,  
Daegon: The strongest you have.
  James: And I guess he’ll sit down. Is there like a bar?   Jason: There’s a bar and there’s tables and stuff scattered around the place.   James: Maybe he’ll just take a table in the corner.   Jamie: Khoury’s gonna mimic what Daegon does and put her hand in the air and say,  
Khoury: Same, please.
  Jamie: And sit down next to him.   James: Daegon’s gonna look at Khoury and kinda eyes go a little wide and a little confused, but sort of give a little nod of approval and then sit down.   [throughout the bar scene, there is wooden creaking of the chair Khoury’s sitting on]   Jason: So the chairs in this place. Daegon takes a seat and it’s totally fine... *Jamie laughs* Do you ever go back to a lower grade when you were in school, and then you realize how small the chairs were? *James laughs* You ever notice that before? That’s kind of what’s happening with Khoury right now. This is a kindergartener’s chair, and she’s going to, “Okay, I can kind of–okay.” She kind of positions herself on it but there’s that – there’s kind of a like gentle creaking sound when she sits there. This is a nice sturdy chair, it’s well-constructed, it’s just – this could be bigger. This could be a little more comfy.   *Jamie laughs*   Jamie: She’s gonna squirm around a little bit, which probably makes the chair creak a little bit more, trying to not be as awkward sitting at this table, and then find a comfortable position and then sort of slump over the table. Kind of reminds me – isn’t there a scene in Kindergarten Cop where Arnold Schwarzenegger–   Jason: Yes.   Jamie: –gets in one of the chairs? That’s what I figured.   Jason: Absolutely, yeah.   James: Nice.   Jason: So this tiefling woman is gonna kind of almost bound over to your table, just infinite cheeriness coming out of this woman.   Jamie: Ugh.   *Jason and James laugh*   Jason: And she’s gonna kind of pop a couple glasses down on the table, and then she’s going to leave the bottle. And she’s gonna give this really wide smile to you guys again.   Naza: I kinda figured I would just leave this with you both. You look like you’re having a really tough day.   James: Daegon will just give sort of a forced sarcastic smile and nod his head.   Jason: And she’s gonna try and force her smile to go a little bit larger, like, “You are really having a bad day. I should leave you.”   Naza: I’m Naza, by the way. If you need anything at all – I’m just gonna leave you alone – but I’ll be right over here, okay?  
Daegon: Thank you.
  Jason: She’s just gonna give this little nod and bound right back over to the bar proper.   James: Daegon’s gonna look over at Khoury and say,  
Daegon: I thought you didn’t drink.
  Jamie: Khoury’s gonna lift up her, assuming compared to her hands, very small glass, swig it down, and probably make sort of like a sour face, ’cause she doesn’t drink regularly, and with her eyes closed, just looking into the air,  
Khoury: For Trixy, exceptions must be made.
  James: Daegon’ll sort of motion his glass towards Khoury and just say,  
Daegon: For the fallen.
  [new music begins, consistently somber with bare, yearning strings, then repeats]   James: And chug back the first one. He’ll put his glass down slowly and pour another one, just sort of hold it in his hands for a second and look at it. And without looking at Khoury, he’s just gonna ask...  
Daegon: Would you mind if I told you a story?
  Jamie: Khoury’s gonna open her eyes and put her glass down and just look at Daegon with like a continued sort of stare, but she’s not gonna say anything.  
Daegon: I’ll do my best here. It’s been...It’s been quite a long time. When I was, oh, fifteen year old, I was at home in my family’s estate, meditating in the afternoon, and I suddenly became aware of sounds outside. Branches breaking, rumbling noises, as if the earth was moving. And a faint crackling noise, something in the air. Of course I went to the window to look outside, and I saw something I’ll never forget. An enormous black cloud is really the only way I can describe it, lumbering up over the city walls. I have no idea what it was. By this time, people were screaming in the streets, running about. The commotion was alarming, it was frightening. I rushed down to the courtyard out into the city, yelling, warning, doing whatever I could. And before I knew it, I turned around and I was engulfed in this darkness. And that was it. When I woke up, I was back inside, but there was no one around. No servants, no children. No sounds of...anything. There was nothing. Everyone was gone. And that’s the last time I ever saw anybody.
  James: And he’ll just sit there and play with his drink slowly and fidget a bit.  
Daegon: I’ve never told anyone that story before. But in light of all this death, once again losing everybody, I’m afraid...I’m afraid this story will die with me.
  Jamie: Khoury’s gonna be looking at her hands and mimicking Daegon finicking with her glass and just ask...  
Khoury: Did you ever find out what it was?
Daegon: No. No, I…*sighs* I don’t know. I’ve asked. As far as I know, there is nothing like that. I wish I had an answer. I...Khoury, I’ve been sidetracked for too long, and I don’t even know what we were doing here. People dying for no reason. I’m sure not ready to die. And I don’t think you are either. But I need to get back on track here. I need to continue my search. I need to find answers.
Khoury: After we first met, you had told me that you were going to find them. Your determination seems to see no bounds, so I don’t see why you can’t go after your ultimate goals now. There’s nothing left to even live for at this point.
Daegon: What are you...What are you trying to do? You lost your home, twice it would seem. What is your plan?
Khoury: I don’t really have one, Daegon. My...I left the Evergreen because I was forced to, but once I met all of you it seemed like I found my place again, and all I seem to do is cause destruction. To my homeland and the Evergreen forest and everyone I have ever met is gone. I mean maybe they were right. Maybe I am cursed. I…*sighs* I just want to do good, and it seems to backfire. I don’t know where to go from here.
Daegon: What do you mean, cursed? If you are cursed, then I am cursed as well. Far as I can see, we’re in the same boat.
  Jamie: At this point, she’s finally gonna look up from the table and meet Daegon’s eyes and say...  
Khoury: And who are we to decide that the world deserves this curse?
Daegon: I don’t believe in curses. And neither should you. Who said you were cursed?
Khoury: There’s a custom back with the Kobi tribe. On your name day, your lithoderms are to be read, and you’re to find your place within the community. What you will be, whether you will be a hunter or a priestess. Usually you take your parent’s former role after they die. When my mother died, my name day came, and the skywatchers tried to read me and were unable to do so. And that’s never happened before, so I was cast off from fear of what that might mean. There was no place for me there and there seems to be no place for me here, your side. Two cursed peas in a pod.
  *James chuckles*   Jamie: And she’s gonna look back down.  
Daegon: me understand. They couldn’t read your lithoderms? And this has never happened before?
Khoury: It’s never happened in the known history that we have, no.
  Jamie: She’s gonna start to trace the lines on her skin.  
Khoury: I suppose that is my one goal. I’d like to know what my true purpose on this world is. If not to serve for my tribe and not to help my friends and those misfortunate, I don’t really know what else there could be.
Daegon: So typical for one to fear what they don’t understand. Hmm...What if I knew of somewhere – someone – where there’s a chance they could help you?
  Jamie: At this, Khoury is going to sort of jolt her head towards Daegon.  
Daegon: I’m not promising anything, mind you. There...there is a witch that I have been to before. I was told she was clairvoyant. I was told she was so powerful. And she was. I think she could help you, but it’s not a decision to make lightly. She nearly killed me. And she barely had to try.
  Jamie: Khoury, while still looking at Daegon, her lower lip is going to start to tremble just a slight amount, and she’s just gonna ask...  
Khoury: Where is she?
Daegon: Hmm. I found her in the Yemgar Swamp. Or maybe it was she that found me, I don’t know. But she knew me. I don’t know how. *sighs*
Khoury: When you were there, did you get the answers you were looking for?
Daegon: No. No, I got taught a valuable lesson about patience, about virtue, things I had none of. It was also she that brought out my ability. Of course then I didn’t know what it was and like I said, she almost killed me. I’ve stayed away from there for obvious reasons. It’s odd, I’m not angry with her. I would even say I respect her.’s about one of the most dangerous things we could do. But if you – I’ll tell you what. If you help me, I’ll help you get to her. I don’t know when it’ll be, and I don’t think it should be just us either. But when we’re ready, I’ll take you there.
  Jamie: Khoury’s eyes are going to start to dart back and forth as though she’s thinking about the proposal. And then while staring at the table and her glass, she’s going to ask...  
Khoury: Before you answer this, you have to know that your life may depend on this decision. Are you sure you want to adventure with me? Two of us together could just wreak havoc on this world.
  *James chuckles*  
Daegon: As you said, we are two of a kind. And traveling alone is not really that appealing. Besides, who’s going to pick on me when I have a goliath at my side?
  Jamie: At that, Khoury is going to have a very small smile, but almost as if she knows that it’s not okay to smile right now. And she’s going to look up and just sort of slide her glass across the table to have Daegon pour her another.   James: Which he will.   Jason: Khoury, do me a favor. Could you roll an Endurance check for me, please?   Jamie: Because I’ve never drank before?   Jason: Right.   *Jamie and James laugh*   James: She is big, I mean.   Jamie: I am pretty big!   James: It would still take like five bottles.   Jason: Pretty big.   Jamie: It is the strongest stuff though. Here we go. 19!   Jason: Okay so Khoury’s handling her liquor fairly well. She’s a little buzzed, tiny bit tipsy, not falling over stupid drunk though, she’s fine.  
Daegon: I have...two trains of thought right now. I found this book in Onak-Al, right where we found a...gate of sorts. I know the book references the gate, I know that much. I have yet to read it, but I think this could help me. Us. And it’s something I would like to pursue, if you’re on board. I also have another thing. I have an entire city. I have Odysia. And I vowed many many many years ago not to return there until there I found the eladrin, but I’m starting to think – I think we could use it. I think I need to go back. I think I need to reinvestigate now that it’s just been so long. I–
Khoury: When you left, you were a child, correct?
Daegon: Yes.
Khoury: Perhaps the answers of the whereabouts of your people are there and you were just too young to see they were staring right at you.
Daegon: Exactly. I think it’s time. I don’t consider it a–I may be breaking a vow, but I think it’s right. I think I’d be foolish not to. We’ll have everything we need there. You should see this place. It’s magnificent. Oh...It’s been so long. I only hope it stands as glorious as it did when I left.
Khoury: For what it’s worth, I’m not sure that vows stand for much from what I’ve seen of the Mainland and this world. I’m not sure a vow is really keeping with the spirit.
Daegon: Hmm.
  James: Daegon’ll raise his glass and his toast:  
Daegon: To the honorable land of Theria.
  Jamie: Khoury will raise her glass as well.  
Khoury: Here, here.
  Jason: I would imagine that Khoury and Daegon kind of spent the better part of the day in this bar and just continue to talk to each other and probably drain this bottle and maybe other bottles. I’m not sure.   James: Probably.   Jason: Probably. And perky little Naza would probably just keep coming back with them and just take care of you guys, and at a certain point would probably even help you across the street to Brecken’s Hearth, where you can get some sleep and hunker down for the night and kind of stay in town. Y’know, in lieu of camping.   *Jamie and James laugh*   James: We don’t camp. Ever again.   Jason: And I think that’s a good time for us to stop for the evening.   James: Yeah.   Jason: You guys did fucking fantastic.   James: Was that–was that okay?   Jason: No, that was fantastic, seriously.   Jamie: I was worried. I was like, “Is that okay?”   James: I know, I was like–   Jason: No, no no no. I was sitting here listening, I’m riveted the entire time, like, “This is really fucking good.”   James: Oh man.   Jamie: Okay.   Jason: Like really good.   Jamie: That makes me feel better.   James: Me, too.   Jason: It felt good. Like I’m editing as I’m going, all I’m doing is like taking out little pauses where you guys are thinking about you want to say, but I’m hearing the finished version in my head and it’s really fucking good.   James: Oh, you gotta have some sweet music behind that.   Jason: Oh, dude, it’s gonna–yeah, I’m gonna foley the shit outta this. This is gonna be–you’re gonna like it.   James: Well, yeah, well that makes me happy, ’cause I said everything I wanted to say. I just, y’know, hopefully it was clear.   Jason: It absolutely was. There wasn’t one point–I’m waiting for you to say certain things or deliver a line a certain–I’m like, “Fucking yes, yes, that’s great, that’s great.” Like the entire time, it was really really good. You guys did–I think just the fact there was just the two of you here, I think the scene had room to breathe. There was no pressure to get back to the rest of the party or introduce new people. I think this was the smart choice.   James: Okay.   Jamie: Awesome.   James: Hopefully this sounds like a sincere recount.   Jason: Dude, that shit where you’re sitting there, “Hopefully I’ll be a good roleplayer,” man, fuck that man. You did fantastic.   *James laughs*   Jamie: It was really good.   Jason: It was fantastic. And Jamie I could hear you getting emotional at one point. It was so good! It was so good.   James: Thank you.   Jason: It was really really good. You guys did a fantastic job, really really good. Thank you.   *Jamie sighs*   Jason: The best part is, Daegon’s been on the show for a year – we know almost nothing about him. In that thirty minute scene, we found out tons about both of you. There’s now an emotional connection to both of you. You have a backstory, you have a purpose and a goal in the world. You can point to several places on the map. It’s like, “I had business here, here, and here. This is where we need to go. This is what we need to do.” As of this episode, right now, you have ties to the fucking world on the show.   James: Yeah…   Jamie: Yay!   James: Yeah, yeah, I feel good right now.   Jason: You have a reason other than the underdog for people to root for you.   James: And I like–there’s obviously, I’ve got more backstory, too, so that’s not all. I didn’t even plan on talking about the Witch, and then I remembered Jamie and I talked about that could be her lead to finding out what the lithoderms mean.   Jason: It just kept building, and it was so good.   James: And it’s like, “Oh, by the way, that’s how I got my power.” Or that’s when it–   Jamie: Yeah.   James: I was trying to say that’s when it manifested, but I kinda...Whatever.   Jason: No.   James: Like it still came out okay.   Jamie: Mmhmm. It did. And I don’t think it was too, “Hey, I wanna shove my backstory down your throat!” either, you know? ’Cause this was totally the time and the place for it.   James: Yeah.   Jason: It kinda felt like a breaking point type of thing. It’s like, “Okay, I’m gonna level with you.” And Daegon doesn’t seem like the sharing type.   James: No.   Jamie: No, but the way you put it, too. “I’m afraid that this story is going to die with me.” I was like, oh, then that’s the perfect purpose to say your story, that’s beautiful!   James: And I’m like–with the vow, it’s just like, I don’t even know if I’d revealed yet that I’ve made a vow, but it was like–I think it came off as okay to break it? ’Cause I thought about the whole, it’s like, well, we could creep around Odysia and go find a boat, but it’s like, no, we gotta go inside. We have to go find out, and hopefully not get eaten by a dragon.   Jamie: Hopefully.   James: But we’re not supposed to know about that, so. “It’s a magnificent city! It’s glorious!”   *Jamie laughs*   Jason: Again, the best part, the best part, is like, listeners are gonna get tied–like, ’cause they’re already rooting for the two of you. They like the two of you. ’Cause I think it comes off as you two are just affable people like in general, not just characters but you two as people are good people. So it’s like, “Man, stop hitting them! Stop pistol-whipping them for ten seconds! Let’s do something.” And then it’s like, okay, they’re getting their shit together, and there’s this really awesome sweet tender moment where you’re both kind of bolstering each other and you–it is kind of a question it’s like, “What do we even do? Where do we go from here?” And then you have it, and it’s like, Odysia. After that it’s like, “Nooo, don’t!”   James: It’s gonna be like in the movie theater when the crowd’s going, “Don’t open that door!”   Jason: Yep, exactly. It’s like, “Nooo!”