Arc 1 - Episode #199

Rock Bottom

General Summary

14th of Thorom
As the party recovers from their narrow escape, they hear a skittering in the walls and identify it as a horde of goblins. After much debate, Sonia scares them off with a roaring ghost sound and they keep moving for safety.

Everyone leaps into the lake and swims across, except Drakonis who flails wildly. Cassie throws a rope at him and drags him across and out of the water as he struggles.

While Drakonis shakes off like a dog, a giant worm springs out of the water, grabs him and leaps back into the lake. The group charges in to rescue Drakonis and makes short work of the worm.

After the fight, the party resumes their trek out of the cave unimpeded and climb back into the carriage to go back to Esterholt.

16th of Thorom
On the road back to town, a group of dire boar block the road. Sonia urges the horses up to ramming speed and tries to scare the boar off with partial success. The remaining boar stop the charging horses, bringing the Nipple to a halt and the party out for a fight.

After the fight, Drakonis in a heap on the ground, asks Sonia to bring him his precious bone which she does. He breaks it in half revealing a small baggie of bloodroot, which he snorts off of Cassie's shield, much to her dismay.

17th of Thorom
Finally arriving in Esterholt, the group makes a beeline for Yoste's shop to find a man named Stefan manning the counter. They eventually make a deal to sell him the Bell of Vecna.


  • Stefan

Notable Kills

  • Mauler worm, killed by Kava

Locations Visited


This episode marks the first appearance of goblins on the show since Irontooth in Episode 1

Player Characters

Release date: 27 Feb 2017 - Download the Episode

Report Date
27 Feb 2017