Arc 1 - Episode #195

The Club

General Summary

14th of Thorom
Arriving in Winterhaven, the party finds a suitable place to stay at the Fancy Gentleman and rests for the night.

15th of Thorom
In the morning, everyone convenes for breakfast at the Thin Bear to make plans for the day. Talk of the trial and a "fighting club" catch the groups attention. After the bar closes, they are invited to the basement where Eliwrath, Arina and Avalan fight in a preliminary tournament and all win their fights, advancing to the next round.

17th of Thorom
Days later, the group gets a letter from Brennan letting them know that they may speak with someone from the Council. Combs talks to them about helping the city and eventually, after asking some provocative questions, takes them to see what Nathaniel, showing them the condition of the current leader of Winterhaven.


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Release date: 30 Jan 2017 - Download the Episode

Report Date
30 Jan 2017