Arc 1 - Episode #194

The Grimnas Family Reunion

General Summary

16th of Thorom
On arriving in Esterholt, the party takes over a small bed and breakfast and while making dinner, chats about magic and psionics.

Over the new couple of days, the crew takes some time to clean the carriage and horses and get to know the city.

20th of Thorom In the morning, the group makes their way to the Mayor's office and are greeted by Sariff, who escorts them inside. Introductions are made, Vallus scowls and much is discussed, clearing some of the air between those present. Eventually it is decided that Craig and Tessia will accompany the group back to Winterhaven with a letter from Jadzia in favor of Malchus' character.

As most leave the room, Jadzia calls the family over to tell them she is pregnant, which is her reason for not making the trip herself and Vallus will stay to help and protect her.

Everyone climbs aboard Amarah to begin the trip to Winterhaven and get on their way.


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Release date: 22 Jan 2017 - Download the Episode

Report Date
22 Jan 2017