Arc 1 - Episode #190


General Summary

19th of Thorom
Aralove, Kalden and Khoury spend some time getting to know Krea and feel out her relationship with Kolas. Aralove makes some food which they share over the course of days and eventually just tell Krea about the demons and their plan to take Stormrender from them.

22nd of Thorom
Krea takes the party to talk to Kolas on the deck and after convincing him that their side is more righteous than the Black Hand's, he agrees to help. Before he finishes his sentence however, Leon shoots a crossbow bolt into Krea's neck, but as her last breath escapes, Aralove takes the hit for her and collapses to the deck, dead.

Daegon jumps into action and punches Leon, launching him far from the boat where he sinks beneath the waves. Khoury rushes to Aralove's side and reads the scroll of resurrection over her, bringing her back to life and burning up the priceless artifact in the process.

Everyone reels from events just past, solidifying their plan to fight against the Black Hand and the demons.


Notable Kills

  • Aralove, killed by Leon
  • Leon, killed by Daegon (assumed)

Locations Visited

  • At sea, west of Ta'lor

Player Characters

Release date: 18 Dec 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
18 Dec 2016