Arc 1 - Episode #189


General Summary

13th of Thorom
After finishing the tour, the party makes their way to the castle but is stopped at the gate by several guards. The guards stall the party but following a brief display of power to prove he is who he says, Malchus and the others are allowed into the castle. Peepos arrives to show everyone to Liara where Malchus finally gets to explain his actions and Liara agrees to travel to Winterhaven on his behalf.

The group leaves the city shortly after via the secret tunnels under the castle on their way to Esterholt.

16th of Thorom
In the morning, after crossing the mountains, the party finds themselves at a washed out portion of the road. Teveen leads the horses through the river and the wagon makes it safely to the other side, only slightly more wet. Before getting too far, everyone hears the roar of what can only be a very big, probably angry dragon coming from the south.

Later in the day, rolling along without further incident, the city of Esterholt appears in the distance...


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Release date: 28 Nov 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
28 Nov 2016