Arc 1 - Episode #188

Old Flame

General Summary

13th of Thorom
A few hours north of Aldmoor, the wagon breaks a wheel in the muddy ruts in the road and the shaking causes Calluna's stomach issues to reappear. Marrek sets to working on the wheel as Calluna sprints for the treeline.

Marrek finishes the repairs as nightfall nears and the party resumes their journey to Uman' Yiro.

14th of Thorom
Traveling through the night and approaching the floating city, the rain resumes again. Around noon, the party finally arrives at the entry platform and begin to disarm themselves for the teleporter. Una refuses to leave Kord's Fury and Calluna agrees to wait outside of the city with her while Marrek and the others ask for a special favor from Archmage Duskwalker.

Permission is finally granted for Una to bring her hammer into the city and she separates from the group to meet with the archmage while the rest of the group meets with researcher Emerson Luxford to verify and improve the information they have on the seal and ritual.

Una has an uncomfortable meeting with Ellanan Duskwalker ending with a possibly more uncomfortable dinner arrangement.


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Release date: 23 Nov 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
23 Nov 2016