Arc 1 - Episode #187

The Tour

General Summary

11th of Thorom
The party presses on into the night but eventually are forced to camp. A few conversations happen by the fire, everyone gets some sleep and in the morning, they get back on the road.

12th of Thorom
After rolling along through an uneventful day, Overwatch looms in the distance near midnight. Upon reaching the gate, Teveen inquires about a place to drop off their prisoner, which is the first stop in the city. Once that is done, they find a dwarven inn called The Jagged Rock and get a few rooms to lay low while in the city.

13th of Thorom
Following a night of rest, the group reconvenes to return the stolen wagon and are introduced to an older gentleman who thanks them, offers a reward and eventually suggests that they take in the "Malchus Grimnas Lived Here" tour of the old headquarters. Malchus gets a disguise as an old man and the party files in to take the tour and surprisingly, it isn't horribly inaccurate.

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 14 Nov 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
14 Nov 2016