Arc 1 - Episode #184

The Box

General Summary

19th of Thorom
As the storm hits, the crew scatters to secure the ship. After fighting the elements (and troublesome ropes) for what seems like hours, the crew and their uninvited guests begin to assess the damage. A crash is heard from below deck causing Daegon, Acteronis and Braylon to investigate. Failing to bully their way into the storage area, Daegon catches a glimpse of what can only be Stormrender being put back into its case.

The group meets in private later to discuss the next move. Khoury has a clear feeling that the figures guarding Stormrender are demons, which troubles everyone deeply.


Locations Visited

  • At sea, east of Brightport

Player Characters

Release date: 23 Oct 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
23 Oct 2016