Arc 1 - Episode #183


General Summary

11th of Thorom
Several hours south of Winterhaven, Teveen spots a wagon and a few travelers under attack by a pair of hill giants. Everyone agrees that helping is the thing to do and with the assistance of the survivors, the giants are defeated.

While talking to the folks from the wagon, it becomes clear that they were bandits who attacked the cart before the giants arrived. The leader grabs Theo from behind as leverage. In a fit of anger, Aria fires a blast at the thug but misses. In the panic, Theo's throat is cut and he drops to the ground near death.

A new fight begins, leaving all but one of the thugs dead and miraculously, Theo still alive.

After the the battle, the lone bandit survivor is bound and gagged and the area is searched. Malchus finds a ledger setting them on a course for Overwatch to return the wagon and hopefully, get Liara to agree to be a character witness.


Locations Visited

  • The open road, south of Winterhaven

Player Characters

Release date: 16 Oct 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
16 Oct 2016