Arc 1 - Episode #179


General Summary

11th of Thorom
The party finds itself in Overwatch with days to rest while waiting for their next mission from Liara. During a group dinner, a halfling approaches the party and introduces himself as Peepos Quinton, a facilitator for the queen. He offers the group many jobs they could undertake to improve the city or its standing in the surrounding areas. After a lengthy discussion of the options laid out before them, Peepos asks them to follow him out of the eatery and shows them to a run down house, explaining that it now belongs to the party and is scheduled to be fixed up in the next few weeks.

While taking a tour of the house, Sora finds a large dog living in one of the bedrooms and befriends him. He is given the name Heinrich and everyone settles into the house for what may be a long night,.


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Release date: 18 Sep 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
18 Sep 2016