Arc 1 - Episode #169


General Summary

6th of Thorom
The group boards the yet unnamed carriage and begins their trip towards Winterhaven. Night begins to fall before they make it to Aubrey and reluctantly agree to camp rather than risk hurting the horses.

The night is mostly uneventful after many conversations until a roar and the sound of something metallic possibly collapsing catches Aria's ear and waking Teveen. Leaving camp early the party makes it to Aubrey in good time.

7th of Thorom
Once there, Malchus takes the lead and makes his way to the temple where they encounter Clarissa who agrees to research the "earthquake" that everyone heard the day before.


Locations Visited


Teveen names the horses Fae Wind and Avinee

Player Characters

Release date: 03 Jul 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
03 Jul 2016