Arc 1 - Episode #168

Into the Skid

General Summary

5th of Thorom
After Theo learns the truth about Sespa, Teveen and Malchus pick up some road snacks and check on the carriage, which turns out to be incredibly average. Returning from the carriage maker, the party runs into Aria who is wandering around town. After some initial hostility and threats of face melting, she is invited to travel with the group to Winterhaven.

As they sit down to dinner, Malchus explains some of his history and why he is wanted in some places. Once dinner is finished, Theo goes to find Duncan, only to find a note explaining that Duncan has left to find Yenward and bring the party back together.

6th of Thorom
In the morning, the group travels to the carriage maker only to discover that the improvements they hope had been completed may have been rushed and resulted in a less than stellar product.


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Release date: 26 Jun 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
26 Jun 2016