Arc 1 - Episode #159


General Summary

Around Noon, 5th of Thorom
Duncan and Malchus spend some time investigating the blood drained body while Teveen inspects the house for anything that may be left of her former owners. As Malchus gets fed up with the lizardman shenanigans, he goes to find Teveen to get her opinion. He finds her upstairs sorting through some knicknacks. She validates that her former owners did live here. After a short talk, they decide to head back to Durnhollow to put an end to the actual murders, which probably don't include lizardmen.

Back in Durnhollow, Malchus deviates from the group after having the idea that the group should travel with more style and tries to find a carriage vendor.

Duncan and Theo go back to the inn to find Sespa and accidentally meet a potential new ally for the group.


Locations Visited

  • Elftalon Farm - Outskirts of Durnhollow
  • Durnhollow

Player Characters

Release date: 11 Apr 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
11 Apr 2016