Arc 1 - Episode #150

The More Things Change, Part 1

General Summary

Malchus, Teveen and Theo are sparring somewhere outside of Durnhollow. Theo, clad in heavy armor manages to hold his own, almost by accident and inflict a small amount of damage on Malchus and Teveen.

Afterwards, they make their way into town and decide to grab some lunch in the newly rebuild Honest Harlot. They discuss tactics and where to go next when Duncan enters and eventually the 4 sit down for a drink.

Stories are shared of what has become of the group. Yenward grew tired of waiting for the others to pick a side, Diana went back to Brightport and Sisun went on his own way as well.

The four remaining party members agree on heading to Winter Haven to see what has become of their home city.


Locations Visited


Duncan apparently has issues remembering what any specific person looks like, hence his frequent accusations that every Tiefling is Malchus.

Player Characters

Release date: 07 Feb 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
07 Feb 2016