Arc 1 - Episode #129

Moving On

General Summary

After the Drow leave the party standing in the road, they must decide which way to go. Before anyone can offer up a plan, Duncan tells everyone that he needs to go into Bandit's Rest alone to scout and come up with a plan before everyone risks their lives to help him. After much debate and heartstring tugging goodbyes, Duncan makes his way off by himself and the rest are left stunned and directionless.

After a time, they settle on heading towards Fairbay to talk to the Drow, with Malchus agreeing only so much that if he doesn't like the terms, he will just walk away from everything and probably head for Winterhaven.

As they make their way towards Whitehedge, they come across a wagon being attacked by a pack of gnolls and reluctantly take them on. With the help of Diana's illusion they dispatch them with little trouble and finally arrive in Whitehedge where they spend the night to rest up for more travel in the morning.


Notable Kills

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Tieflings have a long and storied feud with nets and pits...pretty much traps of all kinds.

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Release date: 07 Sep 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
07 Sep 2015