Arc 1 - Episode #123

Caught Between

General Summary

After a night of rest, the party checks in with Shanalla and the hunter, He seems to be doing better and once they have a brief breakfast they head back toward Donhurst. Along the path, they encounter a lone female on the road. She introduces herself as Josephine and tells the group that Donhurst has locked the gates and will not open them for anyone, convincing all to continue on their way to Lochfort and she follows along.

Hours pass as the group travels across Dragon's Reach. Soon, a roar breaks the silence as a large red dragon spies the party and banks towards them as they run for the cover of the trees. Narrowly escaping a fiery death, they decide to take a wider pass around the SIlver Glade which puts them near Bandit's Rest.

Walking along the river, the gang witnesses a tiefling chasing an elf. Everyone takes cover in the trees while Sora launches a few arrows at the tiefling. Warily, he draws his own bow and shoots the elf in the back and scampers back into the woods.

Sora insists they have to try to save the elf and begins to attempt a rescue as the man seems to still be alive but stuck in the river. Everyone else attempts to walk away but soon Eliwrath steps in, using the makeshift zip line that Sora created and narrowly saves the elf from drifting further downstream and possibly dying. While Eliwrath keeps herself and the elf above water, Sora, Coal, Ingrid and Josephine all begin to pull them back to safety which they eventually manage to do.

Josephine checks on the elf while Ingrid and Coal tend to Eliwrath. Coal and Sora take a moment to discuss their motivations and difference of opinions as it pertains to the safety of the group.

Notable Kills

Player Characters

Release date: 19 Jul 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
19 Jul 2015


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